Gift Aid

The Nottingham diocese to which we belong is a registered charity. This means that St Mary’s reclaims from HM Revenue and Customs any basic rate tax already paid by donors on their contributions to church collections and donations. Donors must, however, sign a Gift Aid declaration form, available from our Gift Aid Organiser. This is the easiest way to increase our income. It costs the donor nothing more than their contribution however large or small. There are no commitments to minimum amounts.

Gift Aided contributions can be made using weekly numbered envelopes, supplied annually as a boxed set, or by monthly standing order from a bank or building society. Irregular visitors and parishioners who are not currently signed up to the scheme can Gift Aid their collections/donations at any time if they sign the declaration printed on the blue envelopes found at the back of church. The Yellow envelopes fulfil the same purpose but serve to identify that the donation is intended only for the Mission that we support in Tanzania.

Some ‘Second Collections’ are made outside the diocese (eg CAFOD or the Apostleship of the Sea) which will provide envelopes for their own Gift Aid Schemes. St Mary’s blue and yellow Gift Aid envelopes cannot be used for such collections. They can only be used for second collections where money is retained for parish use, (eg flowers at Christmas or Easter) or they are covered by the Nottingham diocese charity, (eg Clergy Formation Fund, Poor and Needy Parishes).

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