Newsletter for Sunday 10 May 2020

11 May

The Rosary is a Sword

In April 2014, Boko Haram, a radical Islamic group kidnapped two hundred girls from a school in Nigeria. The group is responsible for many atrocities. In December of the same year Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of the diocese of Maiduguri in Nigeria was praying the Rosary in his chapel when Our Lord appeared to him holding a sword which He extended towards the Bishop. As the Bishop took the sword into his own hands it turned into a Rosary and Our Lord looked at him and said three times, “Boko Haram is gone! Boko Haram is gone! Boko Haram is gone!” These were the only words Our Lord spoke but the Bishop said he didn’t need any further explanation. “It was clear that with the Rosary we would be able to expel Boko Haram” he said. You will find videos of Bishop Doeme explaining all this on YouTube. So he went to the priests of his diocese, explained what had happened and he began Rosary Crusades. After just two years of this Boko Haram had almost vanished from his area, and on 13th October 2016, the anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun, dozens of kidnapped girls were suddenly released by Boko Haram. Then in May 2017, another 83 girls were released, and on 3rd July 2017, seven hundred members of Boko Haram surrendered their weapons and turned themselves in to Nigerian authorities.

The Rosary is the sword that slays the dragon – Satan. It might not look like it when you see beads on a string, but this is the reality. Think about it: the first and the last books of the Bible, Genesis and the Apocalypse speak of a Woman (Mary) doing battle with a serpent or a dragon (Satan). And it is her offspring, JESUS who conquers him by the saving mysteries of His life, death and resurrection. Without Mary we wouldn’t have these mysteries. And what is the Rosary? It is a meditation on these mysteries. God, with the aid of the Church crafted the Rosary over many centuries, so that when the time was right she could give it to St Dominic as the weapon to destroy the evil of the Albigensian heresy in 1208.

And so the Rosary is also the weapon given to us by our Heavenly Mother to slay the dragon in our times. St Padre Pio called it “the weapon” and St Dominic referred to it as a “battering ram”. The Rosary has won so many battles throughout the centuries. What further proof do we need? If you say the daily Rosary devoutly it will protect you against sin and evil. For decades now many have rubbished the Rosary and tried to consign it to the scrap heap. This is what Satan wants because he knows how powerful it is. He is actually terrified of it. So don’t be fooled. Our Lady at Fatima, whose feast we celebrate on Wednesday, prophesied a lot of what is going on in the world and in the Church today, and her remedy for it was the Rosary. The Rosary is the solution to the problems of our day. We are in a spiritual battle for the future of the Church and of humanity and so we need a supernatural weapon to fight it. Our Lady has given it to us, and it is the Rosary! Ave Maria!

Fr Paul Gillham, IC

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