Newsletter for Sunday 11 March 2018

9 Mar

Something to put a smile on our faces  
Laetare – Rejoice!

Lent is often thought of as a mournful season – but it can be a season of Joy too.  Today’s Readings make clear why.  It is about reflecting more and more deeply on God’s infinite love, directed at our salvation, at our living the life of God in its fullness. Now that’s a cause for joy! Yes, it is a season of penance but that’s about our disciplining our lives so that our souls may come closer to God by putting some of our self-centredness aside and our confessed sins behind us. For in Lent we do not try to win God’s favour, or persuade God that we deserve His love, because we never can. This is the season when we do penance, not to win God’s favour but to appreciate more fully His infinite love. That’s what the crucifix above the altar shows us, the sacrifice of the Mass reveals to us and today’s Gospel declares:

‘Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave His Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not be lost but may have eternal life.’

Now that’s something to truly put a smile on our faces and a sense of rejoicing in our souls, that God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, loves you and me so much that He is prepared to go to such great lengths to give us life and life eternal!!

Deacon David OLW       

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