Newsletter for Sunday 16 August 2020

14 Aug

Our Mother Mary’s Love for Us

August is the month dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Maryand this August is an especially fitting time for us to find strength in this devotion, as we handle the constraints and stresses stemming from Covid-19 health concerns, social distancing, and economic worries.

Many of us are, or know, someone who has been personally impacted by the coronavirus. Even as our church has re-opened, we have had to reduce the number of pews in use, cut back on the number of Masses, coped with sanitising everything and navigate postponements of cherished events. It can be surreal out there, in a masked world where friends and strangers alike are trying to stay at least two metres apart.

So, what better time is there to run to our spiritual mother? We should never keep our distance from her and are always safe in her arms. Our Lady of Fatima famously said, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” She also said, “Don’t lose heart … My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” We can put our anxieties aside by resting in Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

The lovely Memorare prayer reminds us: “Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgins of Virgins, Our Mother.”

We are almost halfway through the month, and this weekend we celebrate Our Blessed Lady’s Assumption into Heaven. This great Solemnity commemorates the death of the Blessed Virgin (the Dormition, or falling asleep, as it is known in the Eastern Church) and celebrates the Tradition and Doctrine that her body did not suffer decay but that she was raised up, body and soul, into Heaven to be with her Son, our Saviour, Jesus. Mother and Son reunited.

Do you sometime worry about your children, young and the ‘grown up ones’? Whether they will keep the faith or return to it, if they have wandered away? Do you worry about your parents as they all grow older, or beloved relatives, or friends, who have no faith in Christ or who don’t want to know Him? What can you do? How should you pray in love for them? There is a lovely quote by Fr Gobbi, a Marian priest, that advises, ‘every time you pray the Rosary (and remember Our Lady asks us all to do that), say, “I bind ………. (put in the name/s)to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” He taught that ‘Our Lady will see to their souls.’ She’ll look after them. With that spirit of trust in Blessed Mother Mary’s maternal love, let us offer Rosaries for all whom we love. Especially in this month of her Immaculate Heart.

  Mother Immaculate pray for us and those we love.

Fr David Jones, OLW

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