Newsletter for Sunday 18 October 2015

16 Oct


This weekend and next, we are focusing on MissionsFirstly: The training of young Rosminian men for the priesthood and for their missionary work as priests and brothers at home and abroad and Secondly: the wider missionary work of the Church.

Today,  Fr Emelian will be appealing to us to help the Rosminian Order increase their funds for the training of young vocations who will serve the Church as Religious brothers and priests.  Each year, many young  ( – and some not so young!) Rosminian men are being sent out on missionary work, not only to the developing countries, but also here to the UK.  Indeed, without these newly ordained priests from India, Venezuela and Africa, we in this country could not sustain our current parishes and apostolates.  For this reason, we are so grateful to have been able to welcome one African and two Indians this year

Please support Fr Emelian’s Appeal for financial help: Please support the Rosminian Order in preparing our young vocations for the priesthood and missionary work.

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Next weekend  we will celebrate World Mission Sunday when our focus will be on the Church’s global missionary work.  Significantly, the World Mission Sunday collection is one of only three collections which the Vatican requires of every parish.  In our own little way, our efforts and our generosity will help the wider Church transform lives and help spread the Good News.

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