Newsletter for Sunday 2 August 2015

31 Jul

Eighteenth Week of Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel follows immediately from last Sunday’s Gospel reading.  On the day following the miracle of the loaves and fishes, our Lord had an eager and enthusiastic audience.  The people, obviously impressed with what had happened, are back, following him.  But it appears that they have come to see him for the wrong motives: could it have been they were wanting to have their material hopes and needs satisfied as they made their way towards him? What is clear is that they had failed to grasp the spiritual significance of what Jesus had done when he had “filled them and satisfied their hunger”. “You are not looking for me because you have seen the signs, but because you have had all the bread you wanted to eat”.  Their hunger for food was the starting point for Jesus to begin his teaching about the deep hunger all of us have for something more than physical sustenance.

Here in Loughborough we have at our finger tips all the physical goods and products anyone in their right mind could possibly ever need or want. Yet so many people want more.

It seems that there is, deep down within each one of us, a hunger and a thirst for something more, something extra. And sadly, there are those who give expression to their yearnings and thirst in totally inappropriate ways: stealing, deceiving, becoming avaricious, becoming workaholics; others give expression to their search by being aggressive in what they say and do, because actually, deep down, they are such unhappy people.

But what about you and me?  There are the hungers of the heart and the yearnings of the spirit of which Jesus wants us to be conscious and which he alone can satisfy.

Let us renew our reverence of the Holy Eucharist – Jesus, the Bread of Life.  Let us commit ourselves to being with Jesus, the Bread of Life – as were the crowds in last Sunday’s and this Sunday’s readings – and by being with Jesus, allow him to satisfy our every need, our longings, our yearnings, our unhappiness, our sadness.  Come here to be with Jesus and to receive Jesus at Mass.  Come here tomorrow, to be with Jesus present in the tabernacle.  Let him hear your prayers and let him touch your life.

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