Newsletter for Sunday 20 September 2015

18 Sep


This Sunday is Home Mission Sunday and there is a Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of England and Wales which will be read at all Masses this weekend. Home Mission Sunday, as the Bishops explain, is to support the work of evangelisation in England and Wales.

If we are to evangelise society, we first have to undergo conversion ourselves. This is of course a lifelong task to conform ourselves to the image of Christ, but as we progress in life, hopefully the more Christ-like we become and thus we give a greater witness in society. We do this primarily through prayer and the reception of the sacraments – especially regular use of the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) and worthy receptions of the Holy Eucharist (ie. being free from any serious sin). All the sacraments are an encounter with Our Lord and give us grace.  Let us resolve to make good use of these means of sanctification so that the world may see the Light of Christ shining brightly in us.

Fr Paul Gillham

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