Newsletter for Sunday 22/29 December 2019

20 Dec

God Becomes a Child

This is the final newsletter for this year and so on behalf of Fr Simon, Fr David and myself, I wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas and every blessing for 2020. May the love and peace of the Christ Child be in your hearts and homes this Christmas. Always remember, ‘Christ is the reason for the season’. We can get so caught up in the material side of Christmas that we forget the real reason for our celebration: the birth of Christ our Saviour into this sin laden world of ours. He Whom the world itself cannot contain and Who created everything out of nothing “emptied Himself” and became as one of His creatures to redeem us. This is the cause of our joy.

Christmas is very much a children’s feast and JESUS told us that if we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must become as little children. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen (1895-1979) had this to say:

‘There is no escape from the tremendous fact of Christmas Day, that when God revealed Himself to this poor world of ours, men cried in astonishment: “Why it is a child?” And so it is that the closer we get to God the more we become children, and the closer God gets to us, the more He becomes a child. No one in the world ever suspected that the Ancient of Days who presided at creation would take His throne in that creation as a babe in a crib, just as no one ever thought he would tell the old men of forty, like Nicodemus, that they must be born again.

According to all worldly standards, it is the aged who are learned. And yet when Wisdom came to earth He was a child, and when Wise Men came to Wisdom they were told to be like children. Christmas then, is the coronation of childhood, the glorification of the young whose hearts are simple, the proclamation to aging hearts that the world need not despair and die, because the Fountain of Youth has come into it to … turn time backward, make old things young again.’

God becoming as one of us, God becoming a child. We cannot fathom it for now, but hopefully we will one day in Heaven where we shall eternally praise Him Who, from His exalted state lowered Himself in order to exalt us. May the Christ Child grant us this grace.

Fr Paul Gillham, IC

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