Newsletter for Sunday 26 July 2015

24 Jul

Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time

In Year B, the lectionary supplements our readings of the Gospel of Mark, with readings from the Gospel of John.  This is partly because Mark’s Gospel, being shorter than the other Gospels, does not have enough text for all the ordinary Sundays, and partly to ‘privilege’ or emphasise particular themes from St John’s Gospel.  For the next few Sundays, we are being invited by the Church to contemplate sections of Chapter 6 of St John’s Gospel with its famous Bread of Life discourses.

May I invite you to ponder these words from today’s Gospel:

‘Jesus went off to the other side of the Sea of Galilee – or Lake Tiberias, as it was also known – and a large crowd followed him, impressed by the signs he gave through curing the sick.  Jesus climbed the hillside and sat down there with his disciples.  It was shortly before the Jewish Feast of Passover. Looking up, Jesus saw the crowds approaching and said to Philip, “Where can we get some bread for these people to eat?”  He only said this to test Philip; he himself knew exactly what he was going to do.’ (John 6:1 ff)

Near to you there are ‘hungry’ people too, though perhaps not recognisably so – people who really are ‘lacking’ and in need of ‘spiritual’ food. Why not feed them with a tender, thoughtful embrace, a kind smile, a word of encouragement, a supporting hand?  Be humble.  Receive from God and radiate God who is present in you!

Fr Philip Sainter

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