Newsletter for Sunday 28 March 2021

26 Mar

The True ‘Great Reset’

Today is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week when we celebrate the triumphant entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem, when the crowds cried out “Hosanna” and put palm branches in His way. Palms signified victory and triumph and were sometimes used in a king’s coronation ceremony (2 Kings 9:13). Or if a king had been victorious in battle, palm branches would be used in the victory procession over Israel’s enemies (Maccabees 13:51). Then the king would enter his palace and sit on his throne. Our Lord does the first part when He enters Jerusalem victoriously and is acclaimed as king, but this isn’t followed by His going to a palace and sitting on a throne. Instead He goes straight to the Temple and then exits the city to await His Passion and Death on Good Friday. Many of the Fathers of the Church saw this Palm Sunday procession as a kind of entrance into Holy Week, and then a few days later Our Lord would mount the steps of a very different throne – the wood of the cross, and He would reign from that throne on Good Friday as the Crucified King and Lord of all. So in a sense these dramatic events are like a parable.

In the Gospel JESUS is always aware of His Passion. He spoke about it many times. He prophesied it. That is why He came. As we listen to the Passion this Holy Week, we are meant to realise this is not just some story about other people two thousand years ago. It’s about us, God’s infinite love for us and about the heavy price He paid to redeem us. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that every time a priest raises his hand to give absolution in the Sacrament of Confession, that hand raised in forgiveness is dripping with the Blood of Christ. His Passion and the shedding of His Blood is the price of our forgiveness and the restoring of order violated by Adam. This is the true ‘Great Reset’!

May our meditation on the Passion during this sacred time encourage us to renew our lives in Christ through penance, the frequenting of the Sacraments, especially Confession, so as we leave sin behind and then rise with Him to new life at Easter.

Fr Paul Gillham, IC

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