Newsletter for Sunday 4 October 2015

2 Oct


In today’s Gospel, Our Lord affirms the indissolubility of marriage as God had originally intended at Creation.  He quotes from Genesis, “But from the beginning of Creation, God made them male and female.  This is why a man must leave father and mother, and the two become one body.  They are no longer two, therefore, but one body.  So then what God has united, man must not divide” (Mk.10:6-9). There are three points from this: God is the author of marriage; marriage is between one man and one woman and it is indissoluble.  That is, the bond is breakable only by death and cannot be dissolved by any human power. This is divine law.

When Our Lord elevated marriage to a sacrament, He totally transformed it from the natural level to that of the supernatural, and those who marry are called to a life of holiness. Pope St John Paul II said in Ireland in 1979, “It is true that the stability and sanctity of marriage are being threatened by new ideas and by the aspirations of some. Divorce for whatever reason it is introduced, inevitably becomes easier and easier to obtain and it gradually comes to be accepted as a normal part of life.  The very possibility of divorce in the sphere of civil law makes stable and permanent marriages more difficult for everyone…Prepare earnestly for it.  Believe in the spiritual power which this sacrament of Jesus Christ gives to strengthen the marriage union, and to overcome all the crises and problems of life together.  Married people must believe in the power of the sacrament to make them holy; they must believe in their vocation to witness through their marriage to the power of Christ’s love.  True love and the grace of God can never let marriage become a self-centred relationship of two individuals, living side by side for their own interests.” (Monday 1st October 1979)

October is also the month of the Holy Rosary.  Let us invoke Our Lady, the Queen of Families and ask her to protect all families and to guide by her maternal hand the Synod on the Family which will be taking place in Rome this month.

Our Lady, Queen of Families, pray for us.

Fr Paul Gillham

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