Newsletter for Sunday 5 July 2015

3 Jul

“My grace is enough for you: my power is at its best in weakness”
(2Cor 12:9)

The Ordination of Mgr Patrick McKinney as the tenth Bishop of Nottingham at St Barnabas’ Cathedral on Friday 3rd July 2015 and attended by hundreds of people – archbishops, bishops, priests and parish representatives, civil dignitaries and leaders of other religious denominations – was a truly memorable and joyful occasion.  We thank him for agreeing to be our shepherd and congratulate him on his appointment.


This Sunday the readings from Ezekiel, 2nd Corinthians and Mark speak of prophecy.  Prophecy is an integral part of our biblical heritage and our Christian traditions and history. Pope Francis challengingly said, ‘A church without prophets falls into the trap of clericalism’.

The church today, as in the past, needs prophets, people who are divinely inspired and who are able to keep the faith fresh and vibrant, authentic and relevant, and who are able to apply God’s word to contemporary society. Pope Francis continued: ‘True prophets hold within themselves three different moments: past, present and future. They keep the promise of God alive, they see the suffering of their people, and they bring us the strength to look ahead’.

Let us pray for the grace and courage to be prophets: to be a people bursting with enthusiasm, ever attentive to the signs of the times, and who keep God alive, who suffer with those who suffer and who inspire others to be forward thinkers.    

Fr Philip Sainter

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