Newsletter for Sunday 9 February 2020

8 Feb

‘Make Your Discipleship Count’

Our Gospel this weekend opens with the words ‘Jesus said to his disciples’. Something He did two thousand years ago but something that He is doing now, addressing us today. There are two ‘you are’ statements that can’t be missed. Those early disciples were to be, and we are to be, like ‘salt’ and ‘light’, Jesus says. (Being Different and Making a difference!)

Jesus is telling His disciples, as He tells us, that we are to ‘flavour’ the earth, our homes, our communities, our world, with His love, with His ‘saltiness’. Flavour them as He would, by clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, showing and sharing our faith in Him through our words and deeds. (Good Catholic Social Action).

Salt is not just a flavouring, though, it is also a preservative, (stopping the rot), so here Jesus is asking us to hold on to the wisdom and teaching He and the Saints have given, through His Church, the Tradition and the Scriptures. Following the ways of ‘Society’ and the ‘Ways of the World’, have never been God’s way. That’s why God sent His Son, to get us back on the track of life and off the track of death and sinful self-destruction. So our discipleship is twofold: ‘Flavouring’ all around with Christ’s love and care, and practising and preserving the traditions of our Catholic faith in Him, so that we remain close to His Sacred Heart and not lose our ‘Salty’, counter cultural ‘flavour’, which is His mark on and in us.

Jesus’s other metaphor is clear too. We disciples are to be light for the world. Our ‘good deeds’ – that is – clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, giving warmth for the cold – are to be seen. Not for our benefit but, as Jesus and the Saints show and tell us, to give glory to the giver of all, God Himself, our Father in Heaven.

When Jesus speaks to His disciples, He speaks to us.  One way of praying that can really help, is to exchange one’s own name for ‘His disciples.’ So instead of ‘Jesus said to His disciples’, we read, ‘Jesus said to Kelly, to John, to Ann or David. (your name). Read it several times over and give the gospel new meaning. Let Jesus speak to your heart and let His salt and light SHOW.

Fr David Jones, OLW

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