Newsletter for Sunday 1 February 2015

30 Jan


All good Christology takes Jesus’ incarnation, his ministry and life of dedicated service to others and his death and resurrection with utter seriousness.

How seriously do you take Jesus?

The historical Jesus (the Word made Flesh) is constantly inviting us into a faith relationship with him – to set aside our ‘fishing nets’ (cf last week’s reading) and all that is occupying our attention – and to create space and time for him to speak to our hearts and minds because he wants to touch our lives and make us whole.

Today’s Gospel says that ‘his teaching made a deep impression on them because … he taught them with authority’. We can ask ourselves: What sort of impression is Jesus having on me? What sort of influence does Jesus have in my life?

Let us come before him with praise and thanksgiving. Let us honour and reverence him. Let us ask him to speak to us, to heal us, to work in and through us.


In imitation of the welcome Jesus gave to the children, we are celebrating this Sunday, after the Gospel, a special liturgy of blessing. We will invite all the children, infants and babies to come forward onto the Sanctuary and we shall ask God to bless and protect them.

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