Newsletter for Sunday 12 October 2014

10 Oct

SIX weeks to go! 

Only six weeks until the Solemnity of Christ the King which means the end of the liturgical year is fast approaching!  This will become manifestly apparent in the readings from now on as they adopt eschatological themes.  (ἔσχατος – eschatos meaning “last” and –ology meaning “the study of”.  Hence, “the department of theological studies concerned with “the four last things:  death, judgement, heaven and hell.”)

Allowing ourselves to be caught up in the liturgical current now flowing let us as individuals and as members of the parish community renew and re-vitalise our Christian lives as we “… authenticate our faith by firmly establishing it on the person of Jesus Christ, on the Word of God as spoken to us in the Scriptures and on the traditions of the Church”.

 Fr Philip Sainter

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