Newsletter for Sunday 13 April 2014

11 Apr


Palm Sunday is also known as Passion Sunday. Today we are invited to remember and ponder two key features of Jesus’ ministry: His Kingship as Lord and Saviour of all mankind and his Passion and agonising death. We will recall how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of Isaiah and Zechariah when he entered the Holy City amidst cries of acclamation, praise and worship. But he did so, not as a warrior seated on a war-horse, surrounded by his troops, but as a humble servant, seated on an ass. Throughout history, on this day, Christians have imitated the acclamations of the Hebrew children who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem. Let us re-enact Jesus’ entry into the Holy City. Let us acclaim him ‘Son of David’, but let the liturgy also prompt us to recall the horrendous events that occurred towards the end of this week.

Fr Philip Sainter

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