Newsletter for Sunday 15 February 2015

13 Feb

Treat others as you would like people to treat you
(Luke 6:21 NJB)

There have always been those who suffer from Hansen’s disease, known as nodular leprosy or anaesthetic leprosy.   And there are those who have been made to feel like lepers!

Leprosy is a horrid disease which causes physical disfigurement.  But the most heinous aspect of leprosy is the social stigma that comes with it and the sense of exclusion. In the past, lepers here in England were banished from fellowship with others;  they had to dwell alone, outside the village.  Worse still, they were barred from entry into church, having to content themselves with peering through so-called ‘leper-squints’ cut into the walls.

And what about today?
We know there are (so called) ‘lepers’ here in our midst.  They are here in this church today, here in Loughborough, who, although they haven’t actually contracted Hansen’s disease – leprosy – will, nevertheless, be experiencing the pain of rejection and the loneliness of feeling isolated or ‘different’.

Who are they?
They are the divorced, the homosexuals, the addicts, the victims of abuse, the unemployed, the foreign migrant workers ……

The Jesus of the Gospels reached out to people like these and befriended them.

Treat the ‘lepers’ in our midst as you would like them to treat you!

Fr Philip Sainter

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