Newsletter for Sunday 11 May 2014

9 May


 When reading today’s Gospel one soon realises that it is part of a whole chapter which explores the intimate relationship between the Shepherd and the sheep. Indeed, chapter 10 of John’s Gospel constantly emphasises the shepherd’s desire that the sheep should be led in the right direction and that they should also be protected.  Hence Jesus likening himself to ‘the gate of the sheepfold’.  In many countries the shepherd lies down at night in the gateway of the sheepfold to stop the sheep getting out and preventing predators from entering.  This is Jesus’ way of expressing his desire to keep all of us in his loving care.

Let us then listen carefully to his voice and follow him who cares for us, feeds us and nourishes us.  Let us enter into an ever-deeper and more intimate relationship with him.

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Vocations Sunday

Are you being called to follow Jesus as a member of a Religious Order (eg  The Rosminians) or as a priest?

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