Newsletter for Sunday 18 January 2015

16 Jan

‘Look, there is the lamb of God’  (John 1:36)

May I suggest that today’s readings are asking us to do two things:  Firstly, to enter into a personal faith-relationship with God, as did Samuel who not only listened to God but also grew up being ever attentive to the Lord (‘Samuel grew up and the Lord was with him and let no word of his fall to the ground’) and as did the two disciples of John who stayed with Jesus.   Secondly, the readings ask us to encourage others and to prompt them to do great things.  This is what Eli did when he encouraged and prompted Samuel to listen and respond to God.

Samuel responded to God’s call and his voice, thanks to the encouragement of Eli.  What are we doing and saying to encourage our young people to listen to the voice of God and to respond to his invitation?

Let’s share our faith with others – especially the young – and invite them to ‘come and see’ Jesus (c.f. John 1:39).  Invite them ‘to have a go’ …  to go to Jesus and to follow him and his ways.

Suggest to the younger members of your family and to the young people of our parish that maybe God is calling them to the Religious life and priesthood.

 Fr Philip Sainter 

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