Newsletter for Sunday 18 September 2016

16 Sep


On the Memorial of Saints Cornelius (Pope) and Cyprian (Bishop) last Friday, the Church proposed chapter 4, verses 7-15 from St Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians as the first reading of the day.  There we read, ‘We are only the earthenware jars that hold this treasure…’

With these words Paul acknowledges that notwithstanding the weakness and fragility of human existence, God longs to abide in us, to infuse us and fill us with the immensity of His power and love.  This divine life and power and goodness which God places deep within us, is to be nurtured and treasured and shared – Not squandered!

In last week’s Gospel parable of the Prodigal Son, St Luke uses the verb “to squander” or, more accurately, “to scatter” when describing how the younger son wasted his inheritance.  This week we hear of the dishonest steward who also “scattered” his rich boss’ possessions.

These parables are relevant to us.  They pose questions for reflection:

What have I “scattered” ?  Have I disseminated or exuded goodness, kindness, love, positive and encouraging words from deep within my being?  Or, from my darkness, have I “scattered”  useless, harmful, destructive thoughts?

Fr Philip Sainter

CHANGE TO FRIDAY MASSES ***  Please note that from the beginning of October 2016,  Friday Masses will be at 9.15am with an additional Mass at 6.00pm on the first Friday of the month.

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