Newsletter for Sunday 19 January 2014

20 Jan


The Lord says to us: “You are my servant in whom I shall be glorified.”

As we listen attentively to the readings of today, I believe we will hear God saying to us:  “You are my servant”.  “You are going to restore Christian family identity and values”. “You are the ones who will bring the lapsed, the disillusioned, the marginalised, the partially educated, back into the family of the Church, where they’ll discover the wonders of God’s divine life and of all he wants us to experience.”

I believe God is also saying that whilst Jesus was the True Light enlightening everyone (Jn 1:9) we, like John the Baptist, have a duty to “bear witness to the Light” (Jn 1:8).


Here I am Lord.  I want to be your servant.  Though I feel inadequate and unworthy, use me.

Work in me and through me, so that your salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.


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