Newsletter for Sunday 19 October 2014

24 Oct

World Mission Sunday

All of us are invited to participate in the work of evangelisation – that is, in the missionary work of bringing the Gospel  into peoples’ lives.  Whether here in this country or further afield, we constantly face the challenge of witnessing to the One who died and rose for us.

We witness to God by being what he made us to be.  We hear in Genesis,  in the story of creation, that God made us in his own image.  As we think about all that that implies, we come to the heart of today’s Gospel and our second  eschatological reflection as we celebrate World Mission Sunday:  Our vocation is to come before the Lord so that we might BE images of Him – so that we might be icons / eikons of the Lord –  both now and in the next world, when we shall see him as he is.  (cf 1 John 3:2)

Fr Philip Sainter

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