Newsletter for Sunday 23 February 2014

23 Feb

Preparing for Lent

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi come to a close,
we begin our training programme!

None of us is perfect, yet God still calls us to perfection. (cf Mt 5:48; LG 5; Rosmini, Maxims I.1).  None of us is holy, yet God still calls us to holiness. (cf Lev 19:2).  We’re human, we’re fallible, we make mistakes, we make wrong decisions.  But it’s precisely because we’re human and imperfect that we should use our human faculties – our intellect and will – to do something about making progress in becoming better Christians – in becoming more pleasing in the sight of God.

Conscious intentionality aids us as we strive for self-transcendence or self-betterment.  By deliberation and evaluation, decision-making and action, we can know and do what is truly good and worthwhile (cf B Lonergan, Method  p35).

This should be the subject matter of our Lenten resolutions!
Let’s begin our own training programme!

Fr Philip Sainter

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