Newsletter for Sunday 24th November 2013

23 Nov


 Today is more than just the Thirty – Fourth Sunday of the Year.  Today is the climax of our liturgical year on a par with Christmas, Easter and Pentecost Sunday.  Today we proclaim that greatest Christological title our mouths could ever utter:  “Jesus Christ is King”.  “He is our King and King of the Universe”.   “He is our Lord and Saviour”!

As we enter His presence (today and indeed every day) let us acclaim him King!  Let’s be proud of being in His kingdom!   Let’s long and yearn to be touched by His divine presence!  Let’s ask Christ to rule our hearts and minds so that we may be “other Christs” to those who are imprisoned in their worldly, ungodly lives.  Let’s be “other Christs” to those infected with that most insidious of viruses: an ignorance or basic disregard for things divine and beautiful and enduring.

What a wonderful way to end The Year of Faith, professing Christ is King –  King of the universe and King in my life!

 May Christ reign in your hearts and minds and in your lives.

Fr. Philip Sainter

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