Newsletter for Sunday 26 January 2014

27 Jan

Who’s going to make a difference in this parish?  Me or someone else ?

 The mission of proclaiming the message of the kingdom of God – of making a difference in peoples’ lives – is certainly something Jesus did, but he also entrusted his disciples to do the same.  And he entrust us to “go out to the whole world” – to proclaim the kingdom.   (see Pope Francis’ encyclical ….. )

We can make a personal difference in our homes, in our families, here in the parish or in our places of work by being Christ-centred and by radiating his divine presence in our lives, to those we encounter.

But that calls for a personal knowledge of Jesus: we need to encounter him and experience the power and wisdom of God which is a power to change and transform our lives.  Then something wonderful happens:  Jesus “works” in and through us!

So, who’s going to make a difference? Jesus in me and Jesus in you!

Fr. Philip Sainter

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