Newsletter for Sunday 26 October 2014

24 Oct

Choose right, not wrong.  Choose life, not annihilation.
Think positively!

Our Third Eschatological Reflection

When our earthly pilgrimage is ended, isn’t it our desire that we should be gathered around our Lord to see him face-to-face, to experience peace and eternal happiness, whilst also being reunited with our loved-ones and of being with the angels and saints?

The prayers of the liturgy assure us that those who enter God’s heavenly divine presence will, by their close proximity to him, reflect his glory and will rejoice and be at peace.

In between times we are to prepare ourselves for that great encounter.  We are to be truly grounded on what lies at the heart of our faith: that kerygmatic declaration which says: I truly believe that Christ died, that he was buried and that he rose from the dead!  Christ is my Lord and Saviour!  If we really do believe that, then surely we will opt to try to make the right choices in life!

Let’s try to live in the light of Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So, thank you Lord, for the directions you give; thank you Lord for your commandments!

Fr Philip Sainter

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