Newsletter for Sunday 30 November 2014

28 Nov



‘Be watchful’ St Mark’s Gospel urges us.  We could easily substitute other words: alert, attentive, awake, alive.  The current practice of mindfulness encourages us to empty our minds of clutter in order to listen and find peace in our busy world.

What current anxieties, preoccupations and demands of life can you let go of, in order to be more prepared for the coming of Jesus?

Try a short meditation during which you focus on your breathing.  Start with one, two or three minutes.  Gently sweep aside any distractions.  Feel yourself in His warm presence.  Be still. Listen.  Try to do this regularly during Advent.

Advent Eucharistic Adoration will be available every Saturday morning, after Mass, during Advent. Try to make this part of your preparation for Christmas.  Sign up at the back of church.

‘Be watchful, be alert. You do not know when the time will come’.

 Fr Philip Sainter

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