Newsletter for Sunday 31 August 2014

29 Aug

Twenty Second Week of Ordinary Time 

This weekend the publication of the weekly newsletter resumes and we extend a very warm WELCOME to all our parishioners and readers. We hope you have had a good summer holiday and have been able to enjoy some of the excellent weather.

As we look ahead to the beginning of the new pastoral year I think it would be a very good thing to have a goal towards which we, as a parish community, can aspire. To this end I would like all of us to consider two pictures involving Jesus:

One, where he is seated in a room, surrounded by a great crowd, who had made their way to be with him.  In that room men and women, young and old, had come together. They were united in their common desire to be with him and to listen to him and to draw life from him (cf Luke 8:19-21 and parallel texts).

The second is Jesus sending the 72 disciples out, ahead of him, in pairs, to all the towns and places he himself would be visiting.  He wanted them to bear his “presence”, his “power” and his “authority” in their hearts and minds, which is precisely what they did.  And as they returned from their journeys they recounted how they had been able to touch the lives of many, many people.  (cf Luke 10:1-20)

I ask you to allow these two images to form your personal and collective goals.

Fr Philip Sainter

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