Newsletter for Sunday 5 March 2017

3 Mar


As we begin our Lenten journey we remind ourselves that not only is this an important time for prayer, fasting and good works, this season also provides us with the opportunity to reconsider the importance of listening to and meditating on the Word of God in Scripture.

Last Thursday we heard these words:  “I am offering you life or death, blessing or curse.  Choose life, then so that you and your descendants may live … obey [God’s] voice and hold fast to him; for in this life consists.” (Gen 30:15-20)

“In this life consists”: Listening to God’s voice, his word (the words of scripture) and holding fast, holding onto Him !

So, if we wish to live – in the spiritual and physical sense – we have to listen to and receive and ponder God’s Word – his voice – and we have to make it our own, welcoming God’s word into our hearts and speaking of what we have come to know. Have we received that Word today?

The Word of God MUST be deeply rooted in our lives.  It must be in our hearts and minds and on our lips.

May I suggest this thought:  How about us prayerfully reading the scriptures each day of Lent, meditating on them, pondering them, savouring them, recalling a phrase or an image throughout the day.

Fr Philip Sainter

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