Newsletter for Sunday 7 December 2014

5 Dec



‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths’.  Luke 3:4-5

Christmas preparations seem to start earlier each year- at least they do in the commercial world. Whilst anticipating the events, the visitors, the gifts, the feasts, let’s not get so caught up in ‘festive busy-ness’ that we neglect our Christian preparation.

The season of Advent is a time for the spiritual preparation for the coming of the Christ Child. Consider what you could do:

Attend an extra Mass during the week

  • Sign up for Adoration on Saturday morning
  • Follow your own Advent calendar. See the Irish Bishops’ novel online Advent calendar at It includes Mass readings, video, prayers, music and other resources
  • Do some spiritual reading
  • Give to charity, a food bank, offer your time.

‘Let us seek to live in a way that is always worthy of our Christian vocation’ Papal tweet 20 November 2014

 Fr Philip Sainter

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