Newsletter for Sunday 7 September 2014

5 Sep

Twenty Third Week of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings clearly point to how we relate to and interact with one another.  They point to what is moral and immoral, to what is acceptable behaviour and what is unacceptable behaviour.  In particular the Gospel passage, acting as a manual for community living’, focuses on the way in which a community is to deal with sinful behaviour and how it is to resolve disputes.  It’s not a new model.  There were variations of this model in the Qumran community (as we’ve learnt from the Dead Sea Scrolls).  Similar models for conflict resolution can be found in Leviticus (19:17) and Deuteronomy (19:15).

All of us have difficulties we must face, but let us come before the Lord with all of them and as we do so, let us rejoice and thank God that we are able to be in his presence this morning.  Let us rejoice and be grateful that we are able to gather around him to be encouraged and guided by His Word.

Sitting in his presence, let us speak to him of our own personal and domestic problems; let us speak to him of the difficulties and challenging times we are facing at home, at work or with particular family members.  And let us ask him for help and peace.

Fr Philip Sainter

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