Newsletter for Sunday 9 March 2014

7 Mar


The three great pillars of Lent, spoken of by Christ in Mt 6:1-6.16-18 in last Wednesday’s Ash Wednesday Mass, namely the disciplines of prayer, fasting and good works, are employed by us as a means to an end.  (They are not ends in themselves.)  That end is holiness of life, that is, of being more pleasing to God.

It is possible to demonstrate our desire to live our Christian vocations authentically by frequently and regularly turning to our heavenly Father, and asking him to have mercy on us, to blot out our offences and to wash us clean  (see Psalm 50 – today’s Responsorial Psalm). Such repentance, accompanied by trust in Him and openness to the Holy Spirit enables us to make a “new start” and to “move forward” in life.

May our Lenten journey be a spiritually rewarding experience as we make a conscious and determined commitment to following Christ more closely, and listening to and putting into practice what God says to us.  (c.f.  the Newsletters of the last two weeks)

Fr Philip Sainter

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