Newslettter for Sunday 2 November 2014

31 Oct

Our Fourth Eschatological Reflection on the Feast of All Saints

In the early days of Christianity, it was customary in Rome to celebrate the anniversary of a martyr’s death for Christ at the place of martyrdom. In the fourth century, neighbouring dioceses began to interchange feasts, to transfer relics, to divide them, and to join in a common feast.  Today, the Church celebrates the countless millions of Christians who belong to the community of saints in the kingdom of heaven, in one triumphant celebration: The Feast of All Saints.

This is a celebration of all those who have gone before us ‘marked with the sign of faith’, who achieved sanctity in the small things of everyday living: who persevered in their vocation of knowing and loving Christ and who strived to live good lives.  These men and women took their faith seriously enough to allow it to shape their lives.  Surely we can hope to join them in the community of the saved?

Fr Philip Sainter

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