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We hope this website will answer all your questions about our church and its community. If there is anything you would like to know that is not covered in these pages, please feel free to get in touch using the ‘Contact us’ tab above.



The Bishops have made clear that in these emergency circumstances, and for as long as they last, the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is removed.

We will be using this page to keep you informed about anything we feel might help you through this difficult period, whether or not you are self-isolating. Please keep checking back for the latest updates.


Facebook support group

A private Facebook support group called St Marys Community Support has been set up to help parishioners stay in touch, share information/advice, and offer each other support . Click here to join the group now. NB: You will need to have a Facebook account to join, but it is easy to set one up. Please share this information with others in the Parish.


05.6.20: Newsletter for Sunday 7 June 2020

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05.6.20: Live Stream Mass from Nottingham Cathedral

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31.5.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 31 May 2020, Pentecost Sunday

Dear All, Happy Feast! Today’s Feast of Pentecost is one of the greatest of the liturgical year and we can read a full account of it in the Acts of the Apostles (2:1-42), and we hear the first part of it in today’s First Reading. The Gospels do not give an account of Pentecost. Click here to read more

29.5.20: Liturgy for Sunday 31 May 2020

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29.5.20: Newsletter for Sunday 31 May 2020

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22.5.20: Liturgy for Sunday 24 May 2020

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22.5.20: Newsletter for Sunday 24 May 2020

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22.5.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 21 May 2020, Ascension Thursday

Dear All, I wish you all a very happy Solemnity of the Ascension! But what is the Ascension of Our Lord and why is it important? It is distinct from His Resurrection. At the Resurrection, the body and soul of JESUS were reunited in a glorified state. I’ve written about this in previous letters. But forty days later, “He ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father” as we say in the Creed each week. Click here to read more

19.5.20: Liturgy for Ascension Thursday (21 May 2020)

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16.5.20: Liturgy for Sunday 17 May 2020

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15.5.20: Newsletter for Sunday 17 May 2020

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15.5.20: Pray a Novena for Pentecost

Click here to sign and have the Novena prayers emailed to you.

13.5.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 13 May 2020, Our Lady of Fatima

Dear All, I hope you are all well. We priests remain in reasonably good shape! I am awaiting news to see whether in the light of the Prime Minister’s recent statements on the Coronavirus whether we will be able to open the church at least for some hours during the day for private prayer. When this happens it is likely conditions will be attached to it, but I’m not sure yet exactly what they might be. Click here to read more

09.5.20: Liturgy for Sunday 10 May 2020

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08.5.20: Newsletter for Sunday 10 May 2020

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07.5.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 7 May 2020

Dear All, Today, in the traditional calendar is the Feast of St Stanislaus, Patron Saint of Poland. According to Wikipedia the Feast is kept in Poland tomorrow. Either way I wish all our Polish parishioners a very happy Feast and may St Stanislaus continue to protect Poland from secularism and help us all stand up for the truth of Christ. Click here to read more

01.5.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 1 May 2020, Feast of St Joseph the Worker

Dear All, I hope you are keeping well. We priests thankfully remain fine, and as always we remember you all daily and your intentions at the altar. Thank you for your continued prayers for us. Today, 1st May is the Feast of St Joseph the Worker and I celebrated Mass this morning at St Joseph’s altar in the church. I’d never said Mass on that altar before but it was really beautiful. That altar was in the original church and so Fr Luigi Gentili, the first Rosminian Father in England, would almost certainly have celebrated Mass on it. An awesome thought for me this morning! Click here to read more

01.5.20: Liturgy for Sunday 3 May 2020

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01.5.20: Newsletter for Sunday 3 May 2020

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01.5.20: Letter from Fr David – 1 May 2010

On this St Catherine’s Day Monty and I were down by Sileby Mill, on our daily exercise, and we saw our first flock of swallows for 2020! Baby ducklings next! Spring is truly here as all the wonderful blossom and blooms declare. Click here to read more

26.4.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 26 April 2020, Third Sunday of Easter

Dear All, Thank you for all your continued messages and good wishes and promises of prayers. We priests continue to remember you all and your intentions at the altar each day. We are there on your behalf. But we do miss you. I know so many of you are longing to be at Mass and we are longing to see you there.  It’s always nice to see some of you when I’m out on my rounds, but it’s hard to know how long the present situation will continue. Click here to read more

24.4.20: Liturgy for Sunday 26 April 2020

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24.4.20: Newsletter for Sunday 26 April 2020

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20.4.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 19 April 2020, Divine Mercy Sunday

Today is the Octave Day of Easter and also Divine Mercy Sunday. We priests continue to remember you all and also your intentions in our daily Masses. Liturgically, everyday this past week has been Easter Sunday, and today’s Gospel (John 20:19-31) includes two appearances of JESUS to His disciples: the first on the evening of Easter Sunday and the second “eight days later” when Thomas was also present. Click here to read more

18.4.20: Masses for the sick and an online Retreat

Fr David would like to pass on the information linked below about a series of weekly live-streamed Masses for the sick, their families and NHS frontline workers, plus an online retreat from Walsingham starting tomorrow night.

Live-streamed Masses for the sick

Walsingham Retreat and Catechesis

18.4.20: Letter from Geoff Mercer of the Parish Finance team

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17.4.20: Liturgy for Divine Mercy Sunday

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17.4.20: Newsletter for Divine Mercy Sunday

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15.4.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 15 April 2020, Easter Wednesday

Dear All, I wish you a happy Easter Octave. The Octave means we celebrate the whole of this week as if it were Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is stretched out over eight days to give us more time to meditate on the most important event in human history – the Resurrection of JESUS from the dead. Click here to read more

12.4.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 12 April 2020, Easter Sunday

Dear All, A very happy Easter to you on this greatest of all Feasts: the day of the Lord’s Resurrection, when the holy women went to the tomb to anoint JESUS’ body, but found the stone already rolled back. Click here to read more

11.4.20: Divine Mercy Image

Click on this image to view/download it in anticipation of Divine Mercy Sunday on 19 April. 

10.4.20: Newsletter for Easter Sunday

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10.4.20: Easter Vigil Liturgy 

Click here to view/download the Easter Vigil Order of Service

09.4.20: Letter from Fr Simon – 9 April 2020, Maundy Thursday

Dear Parishioners, I would like to wish all of you every blessing as we begin The Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Be assured that I remember  ALL parishioners at each Mass I say in our empty Church. Click here to read more

09.4.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 9 April 2020, Maundy Thursday

Dear All, Today we begin the Sacred Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday). If you are saddened that you cannot participate in the Triduum this year by being personally present, if you are hurting because of it, take heart, because it is a sign that you truly love Our Lord.  Click here to read more

08.4.20: Liturgy for Good Friday

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08.4.20: Gift Aided donations

Have you recently set up a standing order online to send regular payments to St Mary’s? If so, and you would like to Gift Aid your donations, you can download and complete a Gift Aid declaration here. Completed forms should be returned to Geoff Mercer.

06.4.20: Liturgy for Maundy Thursday

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05.4.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 5 April 2020, Palm Sunday

Dear All, What a beautiful day it has been today – perfect weather for a procession! What a pity we couldn’t have had it. But I know you have celebrated this first day of Holy Week in your homes and in your families and that you will continue to do so throughout the week. I hope most of you had palms. I celebrated Mass in the church at 11am. The angels and saints were all there with me and I know you were all there in spirit. Click here to read more

03.4.20: Newsletter for Sunday 5 April 2020

This is now available to read/download by clicking here

01.4.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 1 April 2020 

Dear All, Holy Week is almost upon us, but this year it will be really different because you’re going to be celebrating it at home. It’s a rather odd thought having to celebrate Holy Week and the Triduum entirely at home but this is what Providence has dealt us. The ceremonies we normally have at church are so beautiful and moving, but this year the onus is on you to make it something really beautiful and special, and a Holy Week that you will remember in years to come. Click here to read more

30.3.20: Letter from Fr Paul – Sunday 29 March 2020

Dear All, Today, the Fifth Sunday of Lent is also known as the First Sunday of the Passion when we veil all the crosses, statues and images in the church. As you can see from the photo below, in spite of the present situation the veiling was still done yesterday morning at St Mary’s. It’s important the liturgical life of the Church doesn’t collapse. Your homes now need to become churches.  Click here to read more.

28.3.20: The Pope’s Blessing and Sacrament of Confession while the church is closed – a message from Fr Paul

Dear All, I’m sure lots of you tuned in to the Pope’s extraordinary “Urbi et Orbi” Blessing yesterday evening to the city of Rome and to the world with prayers to end the pandemic. It must be the first time in history a Pope has given this blessing to an empty St Peter’s Square.  The most moving moment for me was at the end when the Pope stood at the door of St Peter’s Basilica and blessed the world with the Blessed Sacrament as the bells of St Peter’s rang out joyously. Click here to read more.

27.3.20: Readings and Prayers for 29 March 2020

Please click here to download the Mass Sheet for the Fifth Sunday of Lent 

27.3.20: Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary (29.3.20)

Please click here to read Fr Paul’s letter about how you can be involved

26.3.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 26 March 2020

Dear All, I felt very sad yesterday at having to lock the church on our Patronal Feast of the Annunciation. But from now on the church has to be closed until further notice and therefore will not be available for private prayer. Come the weekend I will leave copies of the newsletter outside the front door of the church in a box for you to take. You may also subscribe to the newsletter on the parish website. And from today I will also leave the Holy Water urn and small jug outside the front door of the church for you to take Holy Water home. Click here to read the full letter

26.3.20: How to gain a plenary indulgence during time of pandemic

The Vatican has issued a new decree which allows us to gain a daily Plenary Indulgence even in this time in which most are unable to receive Holy Communion or make their Confession. It really is very generous. Make the most of it. Click here to read more

25.3.20: Food bank donations

All food bank donations in Loughborough are currently being coordinated by John Storer House on behalf of Charnwood Community Action. In-date food can be taken to John Storer House, Wards End, Loughborough LE11 3HA, Monday-Friday, between 9am and 3pm. Please ring the doorbell to make sure there is someone to take the food in before leaving.

25.3.20: Support for St Mary’s during Lockdown

It is not possible, for the time being, for parishioners to support St Mary’s through the weekly offertory, although the costs associated in maintaining the Church and the Priests remain.

I would like to ask all parishioners, who have previously provided their support in this way, to consider setting up a monthly standing order to St Mary’s.  If you would like to do this, please email office@stmarysloughborough.org.uk and ask for the Parish account details to be sent to you. 

Alternatively, donations can be made using Paypal by clicking here, or by cheque made out to St Mary’s RCP.

Thank you – Fr Paul 

25.3.20: Letter from Fr Paul – 24 March 2020

Please click here to read the letter

23.3.20: Letter from Fr Paul

Please click here to read the letter

23.3.20: Catholic newspapers online

more and more UK Catholic Diocesan newspapers are now accessible via www.ChurchPaper.co.uk. Included in the list is Nottingham Catholic News and UCM News.

23.3.20: A reflection by Fr Richard Hendrick OFM

Please click here to read

21.3.20: Pastoral Letter from Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster

Please click here to read the letter. 

20.3.20: Mass Readings and Prayers for Sunday 22 March 2020

Please click here to view/download the readings and prayers

19.3.20: Letter to Parishioners from Fr Paul – 19 March 2020

Please click here to read the letter.

19.3.20: A message from Fr Paul

All public services at St Mary’s will be suspended after the 6pm Mass and Stations of the Cross this Friday evening, 20th March. See below for a link to a letter from Bishop Patrick. The church will be open as normal in so far as is possible and Confessions will continue at the scheduled times. More news  and how we’re dealing with the situation will be made available very soon.
May God and Our Lady and St Joseph keep you all safe.

18.3.20: Isolated but not alone

Click here for some online resources for Catholics compiled by The Tablet.