You can also raise funds when you search the Internet with easysearch, a search engine with a difference!

When you use easysearch, you’ll raise funds for us with every search you make! Just like easyfundraising, it’s completely free to use and if you make just 10 searches a day, you could raise £20-£25 a year – or more – for us, just by switching to easysearch.

What’s more, easysearch is a ‘super’ search engine that combines the strengths of several search providers together – Yahoo!, MSN Live Search, Ask.com and many more. easysearch tracks down the most relevant and accurate results from across the Internet, which means you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly and easily every time – all in one ‘easy’ search.

Check out our unique easysearch page at http://stmarysloughborough.easysearch.org.uk and use it every time you search the Internet.

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