St Mary’s is served by the Rosminians:

Fr Philip Sainter (Parish Priest)

Fr PhilipFather Philip joined the Rosminian Order in 1975 and was ordained at Ratcliffe. He has held various posts within the Order, including that of Novice Master. His parish ministry took him to Rugby, and more recently to March, Cambridgeshire, before he came to St Mary’s in 2012.

In this spare time Father Philip enjoys a number of sports including cycling, skiing, walking and mountaineering. He also loves music, the theatre and reading and has a dog called Chiara.


Fr Paul Gillham (Assistant Priest)

Fr PaulFather Paul joined the Rosminians in 2007. He was ordained in Bexhill (a former Rosminian parish) in July 2015 after studying in Rome and Dublin.

Father Paul has always had an interest in music. At 16 he ran the parish choir in Bexhill and after leaving school studied at the Royal Academy of Music, from where he gained a degree and a teaching diploma. Over the years he has taught singing and been a director or music. Needless to say he loves listening to music – he particularly likes Italian opera and 16th century church music.  His other interests include walking and cycling.


Fr Charles Sormany

Fr CharlesFather Charles has been at St Mary’s since 1996. He was ordained in 1992 at Our Lady of Lourdes in Swansea where he stayed until coming to St Mary’s.

Father Charles is an affiliate member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association and a keen horticulturist. Each year he grows bedding plants from seed for the flower beds outside St Mary’s Primary School in Hastings Street, and for the school gardening club to plant around the playground.

Fr Simon Giles

Fr SimonFather Simon was a visiting priest at St Mary’s for a number of years before becoming a resident in the parish in 2012.   He has been involved with the Disability Group since its beginning and has often gone to Lourdes with them.

When he was teaching at Grace Dieu he was a regular priest at St Aloysius, Hathern, especially during Canon McNicholas’ time.

Father Simon is a governor of De Lisle College and St Mary’s Primary School. He is very happy to visit parishioners especially if they are sick, but you need to arrange a date and maybe transport as he does not drive.