Newsletter for Sunday 16 August 2015

14 Aug


Today we honour the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. We honour Mary, who from humble peasant origins, was to become the carpenter’s wife; we honour Mary, whose body became the shrine – the dwelling place – that gave birth to the God-man, Jesus;  we honour Mary, who sought to offer refuge to her son in Egypt; we honour Mary, who accompanied her son, who honoured him and loved him.  This is our celebration!  And we echo the words of Vatican II: “Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed, body and soul, to heavenly glory.” (LG 59)

Bishop Theoteknos of Livias (550 – 650 AD) wrote of the Assumption (Analepsis), (not of Mary’s Dormition (Koimesis)) in this way:

“If the God-bearing body of the saint has known death, it has not, nevertheless, suffered corruption;  it has been preserved from corruption and kept free from stain and it has been raised to heaven with her pure, spotless soul, by the holy angels and powers.” … “It is fitting that the most holy body of Mary, God-bearing body, receptacle of God, divinised, incorruptible, illuminated by divine grace and full of glory … should be entrusted to the earth for a little while and raised up to heaven in glory, with her soul pleasing to God.”

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