Newsletter for Sunday 31 May 2015

29 May


The Solemnity of the Holy Trinity celebrates the mystery of the three Persons in one God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Though the word ‘Trinity’ is not found in the New Testament, this triadic relationship is emphasized throughout its books, most notably in the ending of today’s Gospel’s baptismal formula (28:19), but also implicitly during Jesus’ own baptism.  The beginning of Matthew’s Gospel speaks of Jesus as ‘God-with-us’ (1:23), thus God’s presence is with his people in Jesus, his Son.

By the end of the Gospel, Jesus not only empowers his disciples to go out into all the nations, baptizing, teaching, and making more disciples, but he also gives them a promise:  The gift of presence.  This promise is that Jesus will be with them until the end of the ages.  This presence is mediated through the Holy Spirit who is with the disciples as they carry out their mission.  Through this mission, each one of us today recognizes the ‘God-[is]-with-us’ in our lives, in our vocation to live daily as the sons and daughters of our heavenly Father.  Living our lives as the body of Christ, so that we are co-heirs with Jesus, the Son of God, is not an easy way in contemporary life which tends to focus more on an individualistic lifestyle …

But through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are reminded of and strengthened for this way of life.  Jesus has commissioned not only his eleven disciples but by his command to make disciples of all the nations, we too are involved in the task of communicating ‘God-with-us’ to others.  God is alive and active, not just in his past actions but in the here and now of the twenty first century …

Catherine Punch

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