Newsletter for Sunday 24 May 2015

22 May


This weekend we are celebrating a feast that is both new and old.  It’s interesting to remember that Pentecost dates back to the time of the Exodus when God said to his chosen people that three times a year a festival was to be celebrated.  One of those three was the Feast which marked the end of the wheat harvest, and this was to be held 50 days after The Passover.  Pentecost also came to commemorate the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai. On that particular occasion there was a great theophany, a great manifestation of God,  and God’s voice, accompanied by flames of fire, could be heard addressing the assembled people with The Law which all mankind was to observe.

Today, into our often-times confused and anarchic world, where so many people are “doing their own thing” and “going their own ways”, we are celebrating the Spirit’s power to bring us together.  We are celebrating the fact that God’s Spirit is being poured into all of us, without distinction, making us equal beneficiaries of God’s divine life.  And this is what makes us lift up our hands and hearts and rejoice and celebrate!

Fr Philip Sainter

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