Newsletter for Sunday 14 December 2014

12 Dec



‘Advent is a time of Hope’, the Pope told pilgrims in Rome last Sunday.  Sadness and fear give way to joy, said Pope Francis, because the Lord himself leads his people to a path of liberation and salvation. Quoting from the book of Isaiah, the Pope said ‘Comfort, give comfort to my people’. He went on to say that we cannot comfort others if we do not feel loved and comforted by Him ourselves. Read the Gospel, he urged, and carry a small edition in your pocket.

Hope gives us confidence in the future.  ‘Do not quench the Spirit’ St Paul tells us in the second reading this weekend. We can help others to keep up their spirits, even in tough times. And you will recognise that it is often the little things that bring comfort: a smile, a hug, a thank you, a card, a promise to pray or light a candle. In times of illness the body gives a gravitational pull towards hope. It’s the doctor’s secret weapon. A hidden ingredient in any prescription. Let hope heal and comfort you and yours this Advent.

‘Life with Christ is an endless hope, without Him a hopeless end’.

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