Newsletter for Sunday 28 January 2018

26 Jan

“Be quiet! Come out of him!”

Every human voice makes a distinctive sound, and we often recognise one another by the sound of the voice that we hear, especially on the phone when we can’t see the person in the flesh.  Our voice is a great expression of who we are deep down, and people are quick to recognise when we try to put on a false voice and pretend.  They soon ‘smell a rat’.

In our Gospel reading this Sunday (Mark 1:21-28) Jesus begins to speak.  He makes his voice heard for the first time as a preacher, teacher and healer.  The listeners quickly recognise that this voice is something new.  They are deeply impressed.

That morning in the synagogue there is a man who is very disturbed and troubled who yet recognises that this Jesus is a powerful man, a man who is able to deal with his troubled mind and in fear he shouts to ward Jesus off.  But in response Jesus, by the power of his word, his voice, quietens the demon of torment and brings the grace of calmness and peace. The voice that speaks to teach us is also the voice that speaks to heal us.

In a world of so many voices raised and often shouting, in a world where human suffering and torment are rampant, here is something new and with authority behind it.  No wonder the fame of Jesus spread and continues to this day!

Here is something for us all to know, to remember and to use. When life is tough, when mind and spirit wrestle in torment of what to do, where to go, how to cope – Cry out to the Lord – ask for his healing power in your life, his peace to calm, his love to heal.  Why go tormented in spirit when the Lord is close at hand? 

“O that today you would listen to His voice.”

Deacon David OLW

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