Newsletter for Sunday 3 April 2016

1 Apr


Throughout this Jubilee Year of Mercy we are being constantly reminded that just as God has been and IS merciful towards us, so, we too are to show and reflect God’s mercy towards others … just re-read our Diocesan Jubilee Year prayer for confirmation of that.  As disciples of Christ we are called to show mercy and the virtues of mercy in all we do and say, because that’s what Christ’s death, burial and resurrection were all about!  Our proclamation of the Easter message which says: “God did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all” (Rm 8:32″) “so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life” (John 3:15) is a proclamation of the mercy of God and ipso facto must also be our proclamation!

I am convinced that the way we celebrated the Easter Triduum this year and the way we allowed Christ’s sacred moments to touch our hearts and minds, has empowered us anew to become men and women who are now stronger in our faith and who, thanks to the power and activity of the Holy Spirit, are in a better position to bear witness to our faith.

Fr Philip Sainter

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