Newsletter for Sunday 30 April 2017

28 Apr


Ours too can be a journey from sadness to joy;
from despondency to finding new purpose in life.

Last Sunday’s Gospel account was about the disciples who were huddled in the Upper room behind locked doors out of fear, and Jesus’ appearance among them.  Today’s Gospel account is about another appearance of Jesus, this time with other disciples who were dejectedly walking from Jerusalem (the place of salvation) to a nearby hamlet called Emmaus.  They are despondent because of what had happened to Jesus and they felt abandoned, alone.  They cannot make sense of it because they do not see it in the context of the Hebrew Scriptures, so cannot appreciate the cross as part of God’s plan.  Although they have heard of the visit of the women and some of the male disciples to the empty tomb, all they know is that the body of Jesus is missing: they cannot tell why this should be – and ‘their faces were downcast’.

Then follows the key to their future joy and peace: they encounter Jesus; they had a personal experience of him as he “spoke” to them explaining the Scriptures and when he broke the bread.  That was the moment their lives changed.  No longer downcast, they became “evangelizers”, telling their story of what had happened on the road and how they had recognised him at the breaking of the bread.  That was because they had met the Lord personally!

Have you met the Lord?

Fr Philip Sainter, IC

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