Newsletter for Sunday 8 February 2015

6 Feb


Healing’ is one of the key themes in our readings this weekend.

All of us are in need of healing, be it spiritual, psychological, emotional, healing of past sins and mistakes, healing of the hurts we carry or healing of our wounded self.

We live in an imperfect world, a world flawed by sin.  Within ourselves, we often bear the hurts and the wounds of the past.  These, our “hidden demons”, these “shadows” or “clouds” in our lives, are sometimes self-inflicted, sometimes caused by others.  And all the while we long for wholeness and freedom.  Sadly, for some, as in the case of Job, there will be times when the burden seems too heavy to bear.

In our first reading, we hear how Job is virtually on the edge of the darkest despair possible.  Hopefully we will be spared that extreme!  But there will always be for us, to a lesser or greater degree, moments when life loses its sense of direction, vibrancy and purpose.  Such moments bring us face to face with the brokenness and darkness that can afflict each one of us.

Let us come before the Lord in prayer and especially in the sacraments of Confession and the Anointing of the Sick, and in complete openness and sincerity,  ask for his healing, forgiveness and new life.

Fr Philip Sainter

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