Newsletter for Sunday 18 March 2018

16 Mar

Last week a smile and flowers,
this week serious and purple all around!!

A sombre atmosphere descends at Mass this weekend as we hear Jesus tell His disciples that He has come to die – that’s the reason He came.  He uses a lovely picture of a grain of wheat that must die in the earth so as to bring new life. This is more than a loved one or a parent doing without for the sake of the next generation, or the sacrifice of one’s self, that another may live. This is the Creator of all life, freely giving His life in the cruellest of ways, that all humanity, of every race and time, and all creation, may be saved, reborn, forgiven, healed, renewed with eternal life!

WOW! Cosmic! Earth shattering! Apocalyptic!

Jesus faces this great task with gentleness and love, describing it as ‘Glory’, ‘His hour’.   He speaks prophetically about the fate that He that knew awaited Him.  From death comes life; from dying comes rising; from losing our lives in Him comes finding our lives for Him.  As we make the sign of the cross at beginning of Mass today, look up at the crucifix above the altar during the Mass today and receive the blessing of the cross at the end of Mass today, and let’s ponder its meaning, this sign of our belonging, this image recounting our forgiveness and healing, this great sign of God’s love being poured out into our souls and lives for life and life eternal, and all by Grace. God’s gracious love for us and all His creation.

Go out at the end of Mass with a smile, proudly bearing the cross of Christ deep within you and let the love which held Christ to that cross, which we have received in His Blessed Sacrament, be seen and heard in all you do and say this week.

Deacon David OLW

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