Newsletter for Sunday 12 March 2017

10 Mar

Lord Jesus think on me … point thou the heavenly way  

Our Lenten resolutions to live better lives by commitment to prayer, by denying ourselves of luxuries, by restraining from excesses and self-centred behaviour, by being focussed on God’s love for us and translating that love into active love for our neighbour, isn’t as easy or as straightforward as we may have expected!  Neither was Jesus’ forty day “desert experience”!

Abram too was “tested” when God called him to leave his native land, all his property, security and family to journey to an unknown land.  Yet “it was by faith that Abram sojourned in the Promised Land [all the time] looking forward to the well-founded city ( – the heavenly Jerusalem) designed and built by God.” (Heb. 11:8-10)  

As the “children of Abraham” – as God’s adopted sons and daughters – our life’s journey will include moments of darkness and perplexity, testing and transgressions and failures, but also of transcendent, transformative light, happiness, peace and contentment!  This was Jesus’ lesson to his chosen three. 

Lord, strengthen my faith and point thou the heavenly way.
Let me thy loving servant be and taste thy promised rest.
(c.f. Hymn: Lord Jesus think on me, Laudate 204)

Fr Philip Sainter

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