Newsletter for Sunday 26 February 2017

24 Feb

Not to be forgotten:
The Septuagesima Season – Preparing for Lent

Septuagesima Sunday is the name for the ninth Sunday before Easter. The term Septuagesima is sometimes applied also to the period commonly called Shrovetide (the Pre-Lenten Season) that begins on Septuagesima Sunday and ends on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins.

With so little time remaining before we begin the season of Lent, let us not ignore the ancient Christian tradition of Septuagesima – this time of “preparing for Lent” – which will undoubtedly contribute to making our Lenten observances more fruitful.

Practical, challenging Lenten resolutions will bear fruit in our personal lives: 

  • Prayer: on getting up, on the way to work, in the evening. Grace before your main (family) meal.
  • Fasting (& penance): refrain from over-eating, drinking alcohol, eating chocolates. Go to confession.
  • Good Works: reach out to those in need with divine love (which you have received through prayer, scripture reading, the Eucharist)

May abundant blessings and spiritual growth be yours as we all endeavour to make Lent a truly meaningful season.

Fr Philip Sainter

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